Gmail Space Keeps Growing

As I mentioned earlier, Gmail is gradually increasing the storage space allocated to users. As of this morning, I’m at 3608 MB (see updates below):


A little over a week ago I’d used 59% of my Gmail storage space; this morning I’m down to 49%. Way cool, given how I rely on Gmail + GTDinbox for task management. It’ll be interesting to see how much space Google ends up adding to these free accounts.

Interestingly, Google doesn’t seem to be ramping this space up evenly for all Gmail accounts. Contentious reader David DeJean commented yesterday that he currently has 3660 MB of Gmail space — slightly more than what I’m seeing at the moment. Those difference may just be artifacts of the rollout process, so they may even out over time.

How much space do you have on your Gmail account today? Please comment below. I’ll keep updating this post as I see changes in my account storage.

Updates: (All times in U.S. Mountain time zone)

Oct. 18:
– 10:04 am: 3622 MB
– 11:36 am: 3731MB

Oct 19:
– 10:00 am: 3860 MB

Oct. 20:
– 11:30 am: 3988 MB
– 2:00 pm: 4001 MB
– 5:00 pm: 4014 MB

Oct. 21:
– 12:00 pm: 4118 MB
– 10:00 pm: 4129 MB

Oct. 22:
– 11:50 am: 4245 MB

Oct. 23:
– 12:00 pm: 4332 MB

Oct. 24:
– 12:00 pm: 4359 MB

Oct 25:
– 12:15 pm: 4386 MB (40% used)

More updates in this followup post.

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