Yikes! iPhone Bills Look Scary!

Earlier, when I mentioned that I’m finally going to get some kind of smart phone, David Brazeal suggested that I might want to get an iPhone. I’ve seen them — they’re sleek, they’re cool, they even came down in price. But for me, I need to make sure the billing isn’t a nightmare. In the past, I’ve found that’s been the biggest hassle of cell-phone ownership.

I took a second to see if anyone had posted about their iPhone bills online. Oh yeah, they have — and this makes me really nervous:


And then this….

Of course, since then AT&T simplified its iPhone billing…

But I still really want to see one of those bills for myself. I’m worried not just about the detail, but about “surprise” charges that might be hard to spot and time-consuming to contest.

3 thoughts on Yikes! iPhone Bills Look Scary!

  1. I just got my AT&T bill in the mail today and I own and iPhone. After the debacle seen above they went to a summarized form so I only had about 4 or 5 sheets in my bill today. BTW, I love my iPhone. It’s the most usable phone I have owned.

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