Experimenting with Gigablast site search

We’ll see if Gigablast site search works for this blog.

UPDATE Aug. 13: I’ve removed the Gigablast-powered site search for now. It wasn’t getting indexed, and Gigablast didn’t respond quickly to my inquiry about that.

You may have noticed in the sidebar of this blog’s home page, just under my photo, I’ve added a new site search engine. It’s a free tool from Gigablast that I’m trying out. I just installed it, and it doesn’t work just yet — I need to give Gigablast a little time to index my site.

I’ve left the default site search engine at the bottom of the sidebar. That one’s definitely working. But I’ve heard good things about Gigablast, so I wanted to try it.

If it’s not working in a day or two I’ll remove it.

Have you used this tool before on any of your sites? What do you think? Please comment below.

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