Wrap your brain around online media: Amy’s 10 tips

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Tomorrow afternoon I’m giving a short workshop for staffers at New Hope Media here in Boulder. They want me to explain blogging and other crucial aspects of today’s online media to them, show them how to use them, and give them some guidance on how they might make the most of these options.

Before I get into the various tools and options, I’m going to help them wrap their brains around online media. Here are my top 10 tips for this, geared toward people who are most accustomed to print publishing…

  1. Be findable, relevant, engaging, and connected.
  2. Conversation works better than publication (alone). Participate in your communities.
  3. Go where your communities are, and join them on their terms. (It’s not just about your site or brand.)
  4. Participate in other communities. All competitors are potential collaborators.
  5. Experiment, explore, and be flexible (media, formats, communities, distribution, partners, tools, etc.)
  6. Never create something that you haven’t already tried for a while, gotten used to, and genuinely like.
  7. Never build any tool or site you don’t have to.
  8. Great content (including from your communities) is the best search engine optimization strategy.
  9. Be transparent: Whatever you try to hide or introduce by surprise is exactly what will bite you.
  10. Stay human: It’s really about people and communities — not technology, not markets, not audiences, not numbers, not brands.

…Whadya think? What would you add, subtract, or change here? Please comment below.

Notes and links for my full presentation are on this wiki. I’ll be tweaking it during and after the workshop (wifi permitting)

6 thoughts on Wrap your brain around online media: Amy’s 10 tips

  1. I really like numbers 6 and 7. I know way too many places that add features just because everyone else has them. It just doesn’t make sense for every place to offer every toy.

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