Jack Vinson on the “me collector”

Jack Vinson
Knowledge management guru Jack Vinson had a lot of advice for scattered content creators like me.

In response to my post yesterday, I want one place for all my content, knowledge management guru and very cool guy Jack Vinson (who I finally got to meet at BlogHer) posted an elaborate list of almost-options that address various aspects of this puzzle.

See: The elusive me collector. Excerpt:

“The basics of the problem are pretty familiar: content I generate is scattered across many websites of varying degrees of openness. Blogs, wikis, forums, social networks, paid publications, mailing lists, photos, videos, podcasts, … But there isn’t a place where all of that stuff comes together. At the high level the needs are: automatic; item-level controls; permanence; tags; re-mixability.

“I don’t think anything I’ve run across, beyond your standard feed aggregator, has the ability to do something with the resulting aggregated content. Amy suggested that she would like to be able to categorize / tag the content, selectively share it, re-mix it, analyze it, feed it out to something else…. Essentially, ‘it’s my stuff, let me play with it.'”

Yeah. What he said.

Oh, yes, of course I checked — and I now own the domain mecollector.net. I’ll give it away to anyone who can prove they can put together a tool that does what I asked for. Go for it, geeks!

3 thoughts on Jack Vinson on the “me collector”

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  2. yes, I need this bad as well. but before geeks starting there works on this great idea (it more greater than facebook), we can find another alternative ways to handle this mission by mash up some great service.

    delicious or bookmarks

    mark up all the pages you made contents on, give them some tags for you to easily organized. deilcious addons for browsers is make this more handy. also you can copy and paste part of your content in the notes of each delicious bookmarks. that will be very easier for you to review.

    and firefox bookmark is also a very easier tools to organized your contents with a click to make it starred. and you can find some tools to sync to delicious if you need.

    some page update monitor software/service

    using this kind of services will help you to find out if your content be replied. some software are very great that they can do part check from contents, like: http://www.markwell.btinternet.co.uk/webmon/, that’s will be very useful for us.

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