Coping with Blog Shame

Amy Gahran
The only available outlet I could find on B concourse of O’Hare airport, Chicago.

…OK, still on standby, waiting for the next plane to Denver . And it’s damn hard to find a power outlet in Chicago O’Hare airport! I’m squeezed in between a charging electric vehicle and the entrance to a busy Chili’s restaurant.


At today’s Blogher unconference, I suggested a table on the topic of neglected blogs. Yes, I haven’t posted to Contentious in a long time, and I’ve been feeling very ashamed about that. The nasty thing about shame, at least for me, is that it tends to put me right into avoidance mode.

So I’m trying to address that by just jumping back into it, getting moving again. For my longtime readers, I feed a need to explain what’s been going on, and to give you a heads-up about how this blog is going to be changing to accommodate changes in my career and life…

First of all, I know my archives and internal links to my own contentious stories are screwed up. For instance, if you go to the index page for one of my most popular post series, What are feeds and why should you care?, and try to hit any of the articles in the series linked from there, you’ll just get taken to the Contentious home page.

I apologize for that. And I apologize that I can’t fix that right now.

This problem is the cumulative results from the fact that Contentious has been around for nearly a decade, and has transitioned through several blogging platforms and hosts. To make a long story short, I recently transitioned to the latest version of WordPress and to a new host (Bluehost). To make prior rehostings work, my geek friends helped me with some workarounds to ensure that inbound links would redirect to the new site properly. That helped for prior transitions, but it came back to bite me on this one.

Honestly, I don’t understand all of why my links have gotten screwy. And the truth is, right now I’m so overwhelmed with client work and life stuff that I can’t focus on it enough to fix it just yet. I can’t even take the time to work with a skilled geek to fix it, even if someone was to volunteer their time. I’m that stretched for time right now. Hopefully in a month or two that will ease up and I can get to this. But in the meantime, it is what it is and I hope you’ll forgive met.

Because of this glitch, I’ve felt rather helpless, discouraged, and ashamed about Contentious. Every time I’ve thought about it in the last month, it’s felt like a burden. That’s not cool. Blogging only works when it’s an energizing process. Time and again I’ve told my blog coaching clients that if you’re not having fun and feeling energized by this, change what you’re doing because it doesn’t work without energy and motivation.

Time to take my own advice. Duh.

So, first things first, get back on the horse. I’m blogging on Contentious again. And I won’t be blogging exactly the same way as before. And I’ll be branching out into some new topics I’m finding compelling, like how psychology and emotions affect people, what they do, and how they interact. And I may even have an occasional personal post here.

Some people will like this. Some won’t. That’s fine. I hope some of my longtime readers will join me on this part of the ride, and maybe some newcomers will jump aboard. And for those who choose to part company with this point, that’s fine too and I wish you well.

Thanks for understanding.

2 thoughts on Coping with Blog Shame

  1. I’m glad to see you back. It’s understandable how you feel, and I’ve been there… I have an illness that keeps knocking me on my behind from time to time, and recently I had to go total radio silence for a totally separate surpise ailment for extra fun.

    I found that when you come back and jump in, the people who loved you are so happy to see you that they almost don’t care where you’ve been. 🙂

    Just that you’re okay. You are, right?

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Tinu. Yes, I’m OK in general — dealing with various stresses at different times and feeling rather overloaded, but doing OK. Trying to learn how to accept changes and not try to do everything myself 🙂

    – Amy

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