RSS-to-Javascript: Getting Buggy?

For a while now on several blogs I’ve been using the free tool RSS-to-Javascript to syndicate the content of certain feeds into sidebars. In the last couple of days, however, there seems to be a bug regarding this tool for at least one of my blogs, The Right Conversation.

I’m trying to diagnose this problem, and would appreciate any insight others could offer.

Here’s what’s happening…

So a couple of days ago, I noticed that on any browser on my computer (including on Windows, which I have running on a virtual machine on this laptop), the home page of The Right Conversation was taking forever to load — up to a minute or more, and sometimes it wouldn’t load at all. While it was stalling, I’d notice in the browser status bar a note indicating that it was churning on RSS-to-Javascript.

Looks like RSS-to-Javascript is stalling my browser when I try to load The Right Conversation these days.

I’m slammed with a major headcold right now, so could use some help in figuring out what’s causing this problem and how to solve it. Here is some possibly helpful information:

  • I have a new Intel-powered Macbook. A couple of days ago, Apple issued a firmware update, which I installed.
  • I’m seeing this load delay in all my browsers on OS X (Firefox, Safari, IE, Opera)
  • I also have Windows 2K running on a virtual machine on this laptop. I also see a delay on firefox there, but it’s shorter.
  • In all browsers, the status bar indicates that while the delay is happening, it’s churning on RSS-to-Javascript.
  • A colleague using a PC is not seeing this delay at all, so it may just be a Mac thing.

Now, I’m not necessarily wedded to RSS-to-Javascript. There may be equally simple free ways to syndicate feed content in a custom layout to a sidebar. Suggestions on that are welcome. Thanks!

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