Media Is Not a Spectator Sport: Notes for my talk

Halloween morning, Justin Crawford and I will be leading a discussion with journalism grad students at the University of Colorado. The topic we were given is rather amorphous: "blogging and citizen journalism."

Well the good thing about an amorphous assignment is that I can make of it pretty much what I choose. So that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Here are my notes for that talk. I’ve also posted Justin’s notes.

To start with, this past weekend I had the opportunity to speak with many journalism students at the annual conference of the Society of Environmental Journalists. I even taught some of them how to blog, so they could contribute to the unofficial SEJ2006 blog. I also got a chance to speak with many journalism educators. These are all very bright people.

Still, I got the strong impression that journalism education today remains focused almost entirely on traditional print/broadcast media — not just in terms of technology, but also by instilling a mindset which assumes a passive audience that absorbs news, rather than engaging an active community that contributes to news.

Here are a few thoughts and tips for how today’s journalism students (and other budding or not-so-budding journalists) can capitalize on a media landscape that has shifted strongly toward participation and conversation…

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