Blogging a book

As I mentioned yesterday, on July 9 the San Diego Union-Tribune published an article by Bruce Bigelow called Dr. Beyster’s book (Or: How SAIC’s founder stopped worrying about publicity and learned to love the blog).

No kidding, that’s the actual title. Being a die-hard Dr. Strangelove fan, I adore it. And I don’t just like the article because I’m quoted in it. (But thanks, Bruce!)

Anyway, this article is about how J. Robert Beyster, founder of one of the major super-spooky defense/intelligence contractors, SAIC, is using a blog to support/enhance the process of writing a book about the evolution of that employee-owned company. This is rather like what what Robert Scoble and Shel Israel did for Naked Conversations, and what I’m doing for my book on conversational media. But it’s very nice to see someone from outside the tight, incestuous community of online-media professionals trying this strategy.

But it makes a lot of sense…

(Read the full story at my other blog, The Right Conversation…)

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