Starting conversations online: What\’s different?

Over at my other blog, The Right Conversation, I’m starting to collect my thoughts, observations, and explorations regarding conversational media into a more coherent body of work. This will take several forms over time: a book, a wiki, and most likely a podcast series. But I believe in starting small and simply, so why not blog it first?

In short: You can help me write this book. In fact, I can’t do it without you. This is, after all, about conversational media – so I need to have other folks involved.

The best place to begin, I suppose, is with how conversations start. So here’s an open question:

What’s different about how conversations begin online? Anywhere online – blogs, forums, chat, e-mail, etc. – as opposed to on the phone, print/broadcast, handwriting, via carrier pigeon, or in person?

I’d love it if you’d share your thoughts either in a comment below, or in a posting to your own blog or forum. (Send me a link to it, of course.) Provide recent examples to illustrate your points, if possible.

Read my initial thoughts on this topic over at The Right Conversation

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