Kill the official web site? Hmm…

Over at In Over Your Head (one of the most beautifully designed blogs I’ve ever seen, incidentally), Julien Smith recently posted a rather bold musing in his article “The Value of Authentic Conversation“:

“Why not even, in the long term, eliminate the concept of the ‘official website!’ No one takes that seriously anyway!�

He’s got a point about credibility vs. “officialdom.”

Personally, I think it’s becoming crucial for individuals and organizations to each have their own specific “home base” on the web, a place where people can go specifically to get their direct perspective. It’s a matter of sourcing: It’s important to hear what people have to say for themselves.

But also, if the information presented on a “home base” such as a company web site is nothing but inauthentic spin, Julien’s right: Who’s gonna care?

Here’s what I commented to Julien…

(Read the full article at The Right Conversation…)

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