Do you believe in your content?

Over at Disruptive Thoughts, Fraser Kelton continued an interesting theme sparked by Kent Newsome. See: “Really believe in your content” (by Fraser) and “10/90 and the Rule of the Reallies” (by Kent)

Both postings explore this quandary: Every blogger loves to spark conversation (especially via comments, and via related and linked postings in other blogs). However, in most blogs only a fraction of postings attract any postings at all — and even fewer (Kent assumes 10%) spark a significant level of conversation (a thread of a few comments or more)

How can bloggers make more of their postings generate more conversation? (And hence, more visibility)…

(Read the full article at The Right Conversation…)

One thought on “Do you believe in your content?

  1. Rather than allow the silent tumbleweeds to ruin the dust and cobwebs of your comment box, I’ll take a nibble on the hook. My two lei is that people need to have MORE to say in their posts. Lazily tossing out a single paragraph and expecting it to generate any discussion is a bit of self delusion. If your style is serious, get out there and really expound on a subject. If your style is humorous, then get after it and spin a good yarn. Make a point and explain it all.

    I see too many blogs with itty bitty miniposts and tend to dislike them for the most part. You have to have content before you can believe in it.

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