BWB (Blogging While Busy)

There’s no getting around it: Following and participating in conversational media, especially blogging, takes time. For many folks, that’s a huge hurdle. Occasionally my own time crunch lands me in a blogging bind.

I’ve been fortunate lately to score several meaty consulting projects. However, they’re all due in approximately the same time frame, so I’m scrambling to get them done. Hence, I haven’t been blogging much lately on any of my blogs.

However, I have been reading and commenting on a few other blogs. For me, that tends to take much less time then crafting a typical post for one of my own blogs. (I really don’t like dashing off half-formed thoughts, that doesn’t suit me.)

It strikes me that I can leverage my comments on other blogs constructively to both create postings when I’m really busy, and to expand the excellent conversations I’ve already joined. Here’s what I have in mind…

(Read the full article at The Right Conversation…)

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