Got A Google Analytics Invitation to Spare?

I’ve been flying blind with this blog, so to speak, for more than a month – and it’s really bugging me.

I’m talking about useful web stats. I used to have Urchin (now Google Analytics) at my old web host, and that was great …but I had to leave that host.

I’m now at Westhost, which is good in many ways. However, their site stat packages are so limited as to be useless to me.

Today I checked back in with Google Analytics, and saw that they’re finally allowing some new users – by invitation only (just like when they launched Gmail).

If any kind, generous Contentious reader has received a Google Analytics invitation that you don’t need to use, I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d send me your valid invitation code. As a reward, I have a $25 gift certificate I’d be happy to give you.

Simply e-mail me and we’ll make arrangements.

I really, really want this. I don’t want to have to change hosts again, but the lack of useful stats is becoming a serious issue for me. Suggestions of alternate options are welcome, of course. Thanks!

16 thoughts on Got A Google Analytics Invitation to Spare?

  1. Amy,

    Sorry, but I’ve looked all over my Analytics account and I don’t see any area where I can ‘invite’ someone…??? I think Google is handling this themselves at this point…or I’m just not lucky enough to get them, but I’ve been signed on to analytics since the first week or so…

  2. Although it’s not Urchin, we’ve been using It’s free, fairly comprehensive, and very easy to install. I think it’s the current leader of the pack for freebies based on this listing..

    Here’s your full list

    I’m hiding my first borne because of your posting terms, lol.

  3. The invitation google had talked about are not users invitation, but actually their own invitation, that once in a while they send to the users that filled the invitation form that they’ve posted in their site.
    Last time they’ve sent invitation to users was January 19th.

  4. I’ve been waiting and waiting for a GA invite. I have Urchin 5 installed on my server… I just want to see if what they’re giving away for free is in any way going to make my $999 spend on Urchin go down the drain. Hope we hear from you when your GA invite arrives.

  5. hi,
    Its been ages google has not sent me any invitaiotn code. I am adword customer giving them handsome revernue

    Looks like to me that Google Brains have stopped working in analytics section. They clearly went into a territory which the could not handle. i have statcounter but log limit is sooo low that its useless.

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