10 Reasons Why Blogs Are Awkward for Conversation

One reason why I’m a bit frustrated with what I see as “blog myopia” rather than a broader recognition of conversational media (of which blogging is but a part) is that blogs have a lot of drawbacks.

Yes, blogs can facilitate certain aspects of the public conversation – very well in many cases.

Also: Blogs are a clunky, imperfect, limited, primitive form of conversational media. In fact, sometimes they can inhibit conversation, or even be used (consciously or unconsciously) to dodge conversation.

So in a way, it kind of bugs me that blogs are currently such a high-profile aspect of conversational media, because I don’t think they’re necessarily a great exposure to the experience. But then again, all conversational-media tools, even e-mail lists, have their own set of drawbacks.

So just to put these on the table, here are 10 reasons why I think blogs aren’t always great for conversation…

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