Blog Myopia (Or, I Need Some T-Shirts)

Lately I’ve been getting a tad discouraged with the rampant myopia about blogs.

Don’t get me wrong: Obviously, I like blogs. I read them daily. I’m thrilled by all the ways they expand the public conversation and push the media envelope. Still, it’s getting a bit tiresome to hear various major media thinkers ramble on about blogs, blogs, blogs as if blogs were a huge deal in and of themselves.

Personally, I think they’re all missing the point. I’m considering printing up t-shirts or buttons to make it clear: “Don’t miss the conversation for the blogs.”

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One thought on “Blog Myopia (Or, I Need Some T-Shirts)

  1. Amen Amy, I’m totally with you on this one. I’ve made a conscious effort to remove “blog pundits” from my list of daily reads: reading their stuff is like getting on the telephone and calling your best friend and spending hours and hours talking about how great the telephone is.

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