More on My Comments: A Simpler Solution

I’m gratified that many people, including Jay Rosen are intrigued by my recent decision to start tracking and sharing all the various comments I make around the blogosphere.

I’ve just taken a moment to implement the more elegant approach which Koan Bremner suggested for tracking my numerous and varied comments around the web. If you look over in the right-hand column right now (“My Most Recent Comments”), and you’ll see the result. Here’s what I did…


As I discussed earlier, my first approach to accomplishing this task was to create a new page called gahrancomments.

Next, I took the main feed from that page and syndicated it back to CONTENTIOUS using Javascript generated from the free service RSS to Javascript.


Well, shortly after I put that together (and I was so proud of myself for figuring it out), my good friend Koan Bremner pointed out to me that I didn’t need to create a separate page.

She’s right. So just now I added a new tag to my main page: “mycomments.”

Then I went and reposted to my main page those items I’d posted earlier to my (now redundant) second page. I made sure I tagged each of those items with mycomments.

Then I took the URL for the feed just for the mycomments tag, and fed that into RSS-to-Javascript to generate a new chunk of code. I then copied that code into the template for CONTENTIOUS.

And voila!

…OK, it looks the same as last time I posted about this new feature. So to you there’s no difference. But the advantage to me, as the blogger, is that I get the same functionality withouthaving to log in and out of to access different pages on that services. That streamlines my sharing process, which makes it more likely that I’ll keep this up.

That’s a little easier.

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  1. I’ve been using Furl to log my comments for a few weeks now, and it’s really quite handy.

    What we need is a Greasemonkey script that looks for hints of a comment form on a page while we’re writing. When we click “post”, it can then grab the contents of the textarea and send it off to whatever bookmarking service we’re using.

  2. I’m so glad that I commented on your pretty blouse/jacket/thingy at Blogher, because then I remembered it and thus you, and also met Koan who is a delightful person.

    I had not been reading either of your blogs heretofore, but will now. And thank you to Koan and you for this comment strategy. I try to leave a meaningful comment on the blogs I read at least once a month (sometimes more) and haven’t been tracking them, except as cut & paste into a file I keep on my computer.

    Blogher was really exhilarating. (I cannot figure out how to spell that word correctly.)

  3. This is really cool. I admit – I only understand about half of what you described, having only heard of at BlogHer… but I’m bookmarking this post and going to try it too (once I figure it out!) Thank you, Amy!