Citizen Journalism at BlogHer

So here I am at the inaugural BlogHer conference, sipping tea and waiting for the first session to begin. So far, it’s great.

But first things first: As many CONTENTIOUS readers know, I’m very involved in citizen journalism. Specifically, I’m one of the founders of I, Reporter – a project to inspire, guide, and educate citizen journalists and the media organizations who work with them.

One of the activities at BlogHer today is Birds of a Feather: informal gatherings of various interest groups that will occur during the day. Participants can create a sign-up sheet for their own topical group, and I created one on citizen journalism. Now (about 20 min. later) nearly 20 people have signed up! That’s pretty cool…

At 2:30 pm today, I’m looking forward to the panel session “Suffragette Journalists: Op-Ed Pages of Our Own.” This citizen journalism panel will feature Anastasia Goodwin, Eveyln Rodriguez, Chris Nolan, and Lisa Stone. Since BlogHer is taking the “unconference” approach to discussion, and since it will be a room full of women, I’m definitely going to have to record that session so I can follow it all and blog it extensively later.

Stay tuned!