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I just packed my bag – tomorrow I’m heading off to the inaugural BlogHer conference being held this Saturday in Santa Clara, CA. Blogher is “a network for women bloggers to draw on for exposure, education, and community.” And it’s about damn time, too! Enough with the default boys’ club mentality, already!

Coincidentally, I’ve also recently agreed to speak on the topic of women in podcasting at Corante’s upcoming Podcast Hotel event (Sept. 6-8, 2005, Portland, OR). I was thrilled to be invited. It was also cool that Corante president Stowe Boyd interviewed me on this topic for his own podcast, True Voice.

More about these events…

I’ll be attending BlogHer with my good friend and fellow blogger/podcaster Koan Bremner. She’s been my houseguest for the past week. In that time I’ve not only gained even more respect for Koan as a person and a colleague – I’ve also learned what the British phrase name check means. (Meanwhile, I’ve introduced her to that paragon of US cinema, Office Space.)

At BlogHer, Koan will speak on the day’s most provocatively titled panel, How to Be Naked. I’m definitely looking forward to that, since I’ve been weighing some personal disclosure issues of my own lately.

…And as for the Podcast Hotel, well, let’s hope I won’t be the only woman there! I doubt it, but still… If you’re female and attending that event, please let me know. Otherwise I might have to pack some Mace.

(OK, OK…. just kidding…)

Seriously, at Podcast Hotel I hope to raise a clear voice to champion the cause of unique, authentic, relevent content. I’ll probably get a t-shirt made that says in huge red letters, BUT WHAT ARE YOU SAYING??? Maybe that will get the gearheads’ attention. Anyway, I’m sure it will be fun, and I’ll meet plenty of interesting people and learn a lot.

What a busy, interesting few months I have ahead of me! It’s brainfood time, baby….

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  1. I just downloaded the interview between you and Stowe, I’m looking forward to listening to it.

    Also, I wanted to say, I think I was a jerk to you over the webfeeds thing, and I’m sorry