Problems with My Feed

A few people have let me know that iTunes and other podcatchers are having difficulty downloading my most recent podcast. Sorry about that. The main problem was that one letter in the file name was lower case. That was a silly typo on my part, I’ve fixed that.

However, I know there is another glitch in my feed resulting from combination of difficulties related to implementing those #$^#^$%#$ iTunes proprietary tags and Feedburner

You’d think they’d do their best to make this all seamless and intuitive, but they don’t. Grrrrrr…..

Anyway, I’ll work on the feed issue later this week when I have the chance. Text postings are coming through fine, it’s podcasts that are tripping some people up. Sorry for the inconvenience.

In the meantime, you can download the latest show directly.

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  1. Apologies for the trouble you’ve been seeing; we have been working with Apple and our podcasters directly to identify the most common issues with iTunes-specific extensions, and we think we have workarounds or proper fixes in place for most of them. It looks like you are using an RDF source feed, which doesn’t have any HTML or links to podcast items in your item listings (and therefore, FeedBurner cannot create for you that iTunes and other clients can download.) It also appears that you may not have any options entered for an iTunes-specific catalog listing, such as album art or podcast category. Feel free to contact us at feedback AT for direct assistance if you would like — we want to make certain you’re a happy podcaster when using our service!