Eschewing Press Releases Can Work: One Anecdote

It’s one thing to talk about how to do things differently. It’s another to stick your neck out, try something new, and see what happens. Experimentation takes courage.

Along that theme, I just got the following note from CONTENTIOUS reader and PR professional Deb Owen. I’m sharing it here, with her permission…

Deb wrote:

I just thought I’d send this to you, as I mention you.

Yours is one of the first blogs I’ve seen joining the ‘blogging vs. press release’ debate that actually invites conversation without making pronouncements about what exactly SHOULD be done. It did make me think, and I tried something different with my old “send me a fax” curmudgeon. And it worked.

You made me think, made me try something different, and the guy picked up more info (and was MUCH more polite!) for his piece.

So thanks for that!

And kudos on having an actual participatory blog! (Is that even a word? HA!)

All the best!


That’s excellend Deb, I’m glad to hear it. Thanks for your courage in being willing to experiment, and congratualtions on your success.

I’d love to hear more about exactly what you tried differently with your “curmudgeon,” and why you consider it a success. Please comment below to fill us in!

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  1. I think I want to do BOTH! But, to do that, I have to do both at the same time, then do the eschewing thing, after I compare the results. So, first thing is to come up with a list of mainstream journalists to email to. Then, I have to be able to “tag” the results, so I know where what came from. Whew! this is not easy. As Bush says, . . . . (something, anything) is hard work for him.