Feeds, Podcasts, and Wikis: My Handout

Last night I had a superb time at a dinner event in Denver called “What’s New! Technologies for Today’s Business Person.” This was part of the Da Vinci Institute’s “Mover’s & Shakers” event series. I was one of five presenters, and it was a total brainfood festival.

I gave short overview-style talks about two emerging communication tools/media: feeds and podcasting. I also was supposed to discuss wikis, but we ran out of time.

Good thing I did a handout, since there was no way I could discuss these topics adequately in such a short time. Here’s my handout, in both web and PDF formats…

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Connection Age: Transcending the Information Age

People have an irrepressible desire to label eras: the Bronze Age, Stone Age, Space Age, Information Age… These clumsy labels are always inappropriate and inaccurate to some extent, yet somehow they help us grapple with our complex history and evolution.

As I gather my thoughts for an informal talk I’m giving in Denver tomorrow, it occurs to me that we seem to have slipped into a new era in the past few years, mainly since the dot-com meltdown. The Information Age has started evolving into what I call the Connection Age

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EPIC 2015: Where\’s the World?

I just finished watching the update to Robin Sloan’s imaginitive and thought-provoking Flash movie, EPIC 2015. (Distributed via BlogTorrent, which you have to download first in order to get the Flash file. But you can play the Flash file in most web browsers.)

EPIC 2015 explores one possible future of media, over the course of the coming decade. It’s pure speculation, obviously, but it’s generated a lot of interesting discussion.

I liked it. I love this sort of creative “what if” thinking. My only criticism is that I think the discussion overlooked most of the world…

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Do You Read Danish?

(UPDATE JUNE 12: I’ve just posted an English translation of this article…)

Hi, everyone. Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately. I was in Washington, DC to deliver a workshop for a major client, and hobnobbing with several of my media cohorts for a few days. I’m back in Boulder, CO now and am just digging out from under the backlog.

Recently, an article ran in the Danish media that included an interview with me. I’d love a translation. I would deeply appreciate it if some Danish-fluent CONTENTIOUS reader would kindly send me an English translation of Fantastiske muligheder, frygteligt navn, by Karen Grønkjær Kjeldsen, eJour. Thanks!