I, Reporter Launches

Last night I published a new blog, I, Reporter, which will serve as the main hub for my citizen journalism efforts. My partner on this project, Adam Glenn, is traveling at the moment – but he’s online, so I’m sure he’ll make an appearance there shortly.

I’ve posted a couple of articles there already, and I’ve got lots more in the works.

FAIR WARNING: I, Reporter is very basic as of today. Be kind: this is my first Typepad blog and I’m just learning their tools. Also, I rushed to put it together in order to have its appearance coincide with today’s Monitor article that highlighted my citizen journalism efforts. Expect this blog’s appearance and functionality to improve.

How can you get involved?…

As I said at the end of the first I, Reporter posting, Welcome! We’re just getting started:

I, Reporter is intended as a public conversation and mutual exploration. We need your participation to make this succeed.

Adam and I definitely don’t have all the answers – but then, good journalism mainly springs from asking good questions. We look forward to hearing you answers – and your questions, too! I expect we’ll have a lot of fun finding many answers together.

Therefore, I’d like to close this first post with a question: What is “real news” to you? What criteria do you use to gauge whether informational coverage of a current topic is real news or idle chatter? How “official” does your news need to be?

Please feel free to answer this question and comment on this project – but not here! I’m closing comments on this post. If you’ve got something to say, pop on over to this article on I, Reporter and air your views there.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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