Chiba, Japan Web Conference: Find Out What Happened

Last week (May 10-14) there was an apparently excellent conference in Chiba, Japan: WWW 2005 the 14th International World Wide Web Conference.

Kathy Gill of the Univ. of Washington attended this conference and has put together an excellent resource page of papers, presentations, and podcasts from WWW 2005.

Here are a few highlights…

…Yeah, I know a lot of this stuff is rather academic – but it is very cool. Personally, I think it’s helpful to envision and discuss the blogosphere as an ecosystem. It’s not a perfect analogy, but it’s a pretty good one.

Gill also has been covering the conference in her blog WiredPen. Here’s a good post which has introduced me to the intriguing concept of microformats – “an effort to add semantic meaning to objects such as images or hyperlinks.”

Explore these resources when you get a chance. Thanks to Kathy Gill for doing all this excellent work!