Listen: Women, Podcasting, E-Learning, and Spotty Skype

Today, as promised, Kris Smith posted the second half of our wide-ranging talk from last Friday. See his podcast Croncast: Amy and her friend Kris Ep. 2. (Right-click on the “podcast” link on that page to download the MP3 audio file. Oh, and what’s a podcast?)

Today’s show starts with a discussion of women in podcasting – or rather the current lack thereof, definitely on the creator side and probably on the audience side. I was fairly pointed in my observations on this topic, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some people take issue with what I said. Well, as always, if you question or object to anything I have to say, e-mail me or comment below (or on Croncast) and we can discuss it.

In the second part of this conversation, Kris and I explored the potential overlap of podcasting and e-learning or distance learning.

Here are some links, side notes, and stuff I forgot to mention…

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Contextual Editing: Not Dead Yet

In the realm of content management systems, I periodically see discussion of contextual (context-sensitive) editing: fine-tuning the final phrasing or presentation of content to suit the situation in which it will be displayed.

There’s a debate brewing over contextual editing for content that is handled by a CMS. Specifically, is contextual editing a thing of the past – or should it be, at least for organizations that manage a ton of content via CMS?

I don’t think so, but I do think it’s often possible to shift more of the editorial work to the front end of the process…

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Blogging Grab Bag, Dec. 19

Here are some items related to weblogs and blogging that caught my attention over the past month.

TOP OF THIS LIST: Jay Rosen on BloggerCon III. On Nov. 6 there was a very interesting conference at Stanford Univ. – the third Bloggercon conference. I really wish I’d gone, but I’m glad NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen was there. It takes him a while in this redux article to get to the point, but he does nail it nicely. Excerpts:

“…a good number of participants–the majority, in fact–seem to think they are attending a tech conference. …BloggerCon is not a tech conference because blogging is not fundamentally for “techies,” it is for citizens, for everyone, by which we mean a good blogger could be anyone.”

“…When the tech industry is the base line for discussion, these people are called users, because that is how they stand toward the technology. But blogging is about how people stand toward their democracy, toward the public square, toward the First Amendment. Suddenly, when they start to blog, or comment at weblogs, they become producers of argument, of information, of social criticism and civic connection– producers of media in the same online space as Big Media. And if freedom of the press belongs to those who own one, bloggers own one.”

Read the rest of this list..

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MetaMemes: Play It with Me!

OK, this looks like a lot of fun. I just got the creativity/brainstorming game MetaMemes, created by Kes Sampanthar. The concept is simple, and I think I’ve figured out how to play this game online among 3-4 geographically distributed players who each have a copy of the 214-card deck. You can buy the game online. ($23 plus shipping, USD) So who wants to play with me online? E-mail me!

Here’s a bit about the game…

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My First Podcast Interview

This morning, the eminently cool podcaster Kris Smith interviewed me for his show Croncast. Check it out: Croncast – Amy and her friend Kris Ep. 1. (Go there and right-click on the link for the MP3 file. That page also includes the show notes.)

We continue our discussion about text vs. audio editing that began with my Dec. 14 pod people article and its Dec. 15 followup.

Kris and I also recorded one more show. Kris will post the first of these, a discussion (about women and podcasting, and podcasting and e-learning) on Tuesday Dec. 21. I’ll be sure to announce that here when it’s up.

UPDATE Dec. 21: It’s up!

Now here are a few things I meant to say in the interview but forgot because I’m such a podcasting novice…

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Tonight: Bill Moyers\’ Final NOW

I don’t watch much television, but one show I truly enjoy is the PBS newsmagazine NOW with Bill Moyers. Well, tonight Moyers is signing off as the show’s host.

I’m glad that NOW will continue, with former NPR Marketplace host David Brancaccio at the helm.
A worthy heir. NOW is pretty much the best TV journalism around, and I’m sure Brancaccio will keep up the pace.

Thanks for all the great reporting, Bill. I’m looking forward to your next venture, whatever that may be.