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  1. Amy, thanks for including my tap dancing news on your list. I managed to get out both a Christmas and New Year edition, but I’m trying to concentrate on at last finishing the absolutely final edit of my digital movie, so the tap podcasts are not too plentiful these days.

    I know so little about what programs are out there and I’m glad to see so many I want to check out on your list.

  2. Great list … thanks for sharing it … I’m subscribing and subscribing. :o)

    Now, how about some more writer blogs? especially those that podcast! OK, I am guessing you’re the leader in that area. Any colleagues you’re going to ‘encourage’ to blog and podcast?

    Take care. Great work!

  3. Fishing for podcasts
    I’ve been listening to quite a few podcasts during the past week, especially since Shel Holtz and I started our weekly podcast a week ago. You do know what podcasts are, right? If not, check this definition at Wikipedia. Much

  4. Women and Podcasting
    How many times have you read an article that poses the question, “where are the women?” Though podcasting is still in its infancy, the number of podcasters, podcasts, groups, reviewers, press, etc. has grown exponentially since its introduction some…

  5. Amy,

    Thank so much for including me in your “women of podcasting” list on your site! It’s exciting to see folks like you and Nicole talking about us more and more….there’s definately a need for more women around here! I hope I’m one of the podcasts that you listen to frequently, though I don’t really have anything profound to say…

    Also, would you mind changing the link in the article from http://www.vivapodcast.com/indextext.htm to simply http://www.vivapodcast.com? indextext is just a single frame from our homepage….it’ll make people think that our site sucks worse than it does!

  6. Excuse me while I go off and subscribe to over half of these! Thanks so much for listing Shakespeare Souffle. Might I add that I also do a podcast about homeschooling called Homeschool Habitat, available at
    I really appreciate you compiling this list. I can’t wait to hear them any longer, so I’m off. Thanks,
    Kim C.

  7. Growing List of Women in Podcasting
    I’m late in posting this, but here is Amy Gahran’s Women in Podcasting List, complete with followup links on other stories. As of today, there are 37 shows.

    This list is important for women much in the same way that Rebel Dad podcasting as a stay/…

  8. “Women in Podcasting: The List”, by Contentious
    En Contentious encontrareis una lista de podcasts de mujeres (en inglés)

    Since I’ve been talking about women in podcasting, I figured it would be a good idea to create a running list of podcasts which feature women as hosts or cohosts.


  9. No good deed goes unpunished
    This is going to be quite a long post, and it’s going to take quite a twisty path to get to its destination; but hopefully it will repay the time and effort of your reading it.

  10. Scent of a woman
    To me, one of the most intriguing questions that can be asked of someone is “what are X words that describe you?” I see it over and over: for example, in magazine “pop psychology” quizzes, and in Sunday newspaper profile pieces.

  11. Contentious » Women in Podcasting: The List
    Amy Gahran at Contentious has a list of women podcasters. Check them out!
    Contentious » Women in Podcasting: The List
    I figured it would be a good idea to create a running list of podcasts which feature women as hosts or cohosts. Here are the ones I…