Wiki Grab Bag, Oct. 31

This is a collection of wiki-related items which have caught my attention recently.

TOP OF THIS LIST: Journalism’s Future May Be Wikipedia, by Peter Tupper, The Tyee, Oct. 22. Excerpt: “, an online hypertext encyclopedia to which anybody can add and edit information, could be the future of journalism. Wikipedia is not only a reference work, it also makes a pretty good newspaper.” (Thanks to Crawford Kilian for this link.)

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  1. It’s a wiki, wiki, wiki world, Hypergene Media Blog, Oct. 29. This is a great overview of the state of the art. Excerpt: “Can wikis be equally effective in enabling the gathering and disseminating news? Sure. But the real question is: Will it be any good?”
  2. Championing a Wiki World, Business Week, Oct. 19. A glowing review of SocialText
  3. Collaborative Conundrum: Do Wikis Have a Place in the Newsroom?, by Mark Glaser, Online Journalism Review, Sept. 10. Excerpt: “Wikipedia has more than 340,000 articles, written by a sprawling online community. Researchers are testing its veracity, while plans proceed for fact-checking it formally. Can journalists trust Wikipedia, and can collaboration software such as wikis improve newsgathering?”

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