Webfeeds Grab Bag, Oct. 31

Here’s a collection of items related to webfeeds that have caught my attention lately.

TOP OF THIS LIST: A culture of feeds: syndication and youth culture, Apophenia, Oct. 10. Danah Boyd cuts through some of the webfeed hype. Excerpt: “Sitting in at Web2.0 for 20 seconds, I was intrigued by the ongoing hype of RSS. …For this audience, I think that it is certainly true. But I’m wondering if that’s really true beyond the info-nerds.”

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  1. Ten Cool Things You Can Do With Webfeeds, Cutting Through, Oct. 19. Very creative!
  2. BusinessWeek Headlines Group, a Blogdigger group of scraped feeds, created by Constantin Basturea. (Thanks to NevOn for this link.)
  3. Ads start arriving in RSS feeds, NevOn, Oct. 18. I’ve written before about the controversial emerging practice of webfeed ads. Here, Neville Hobson discusses some of the recent examples he’s seen.
  4. Are webfeeds ready for the mainstream?, Cutting Through, Oct. 14. Excerpt: “…The debate needs to move away from RSS-versus-email and towards where RSS can fit into the marketing mix. It’s a pragmatic approach, to be sure, but I think it misses one key point – that customer adoption of RSS is miniscule, compared to email. While it’s good to be prepared, there’s a danger here of preparing prematurely.”
  5. Yahoo! Redesigns Home Page, My Yahoo! , by Pamela Parker, ClickZ, Sept. 28. Excerpt: “The company’s My Yahoo! personalized section has also gotten a revamp, which gives more prominence to RSS feeds and improves the user interface.”
  6. Web Feeds for Extended Library Services, Webfeeds, Blogs, & More, Sept. 23. Teri Vogel links to a couple of excellent articles on how libraries can put webfeeds to good use.

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