Tools Grab Bag, Oct. 31

Here are some cool tools that I wanted to tell you about…

TOP OF THIS LIST: NewsGator Online is now free. I know several people who use and love Newsgator, a service that bundles an online feed reader with other neat features and integrates with Microsoft Outlook. I’m not a Microsoft person, so I haven’t been inclined to pay for NewsGator so far. However, now that the online version is free, I might give it a try. I’ll see if it gives Bloglines a run for the money.

Here’s how Newsgator Online describes itself: “[This offering] allows subscribers to access their RSS feeds through multiple platforms and devices, and also provides unique ‘smart feed’ capabilities as well as a large number of premium feeds available exclusively through NewsGator.”

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  1. Marketers Will Soon Find a Home in Social Bookmark Sites, by Steve Rubel, MicroPersuasion, Oct. 29. This is the PR/marketing perspective on some of my favorite online tools, like Furl and Excerpt: “For the PR professional, Furl and are useful on a number of different levels. First, they hold a lot of potential for knowledge management. If you head a team and need to regularly share info with them, you can file away links that they can access at their convenience, either online or via RSS. In addition, by checking out each site’s list of most popular links you can look through the open window into the psyche of heavy online users and influencers.”
  2. Cool RSS web stickies, by Neville Hobson, NevOn, Oct. 15. His review of a tool called Webnote that functions as web-based Post-it notes which can be distributed by webfeed. Neat!
  3. Google Alert: This free online service bills itself as a way to “…help you manage your reputation, monitor your competitors, and generate critical leads for your business.” But I use it simply to stay abreast of new additions to Google’s database of topics that interest me. Alerts are delivered via webfeed or e-mail.
  4. Review: ListGarden RSS Feed Generator. I mentioned this tool earlier, but this review offers a lot more information.

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