E-Learning Grab Bag, Oct. 31

Here’s a few items that have recently caught my attention on the theme of e-learning:

TOP OF THIS LIST: Categories of eLearning, eLearnSpace, Oct. 18. Whenever I tell people that I’ve gotten involved in the e-learning field, most of them give me a blank stare – or think I’m only referring to college courses that you can take online. This excellent primer by George Siemens describes and differentiates each of the main types of e-learning. (Thanks to Ruminators’ ILK for this link.)

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  1. From E-Learning Failure to E-Learning Redemption, by Ed Mayberry, Learning Circuits, June 2002. Excerpt: “E-learning redemption is the process of fixing failed e-learning products.”

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  1. Article on e-Learning categories
    This article is a lovely primer on the various categories of e-Learning. I like the fact that it approaches the categories in various manners. Found at the Contentious blog via eLearning post’s daily newsletter.>