Blogging Grab Bag, Oct. 31

Here’s a collection of items on the topic of blogging that have caught my interest lately.

TOP OF THIS LIST: Coca-Cola Internal Marketing Blog Leaks Out, MicroPersuasion, Oct. 8. Steve Rubel caught an amusing gaffe – apparently Coca-Cola’s marketers didn’t realize the blog they created was public. At least, not until Steve mentioned it publicly. Heh heh heh …

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  1. Freelance writers wanted for real estate blog. This Oct. 12 job listing from Craigslist caught my attention because it was the first time I saw someone specifically looking to hire a professional writer to write blog items. About time.
  2. Taking My Dad’s Consulting Business to the Next Level with a Blog, Eckotek, Oct. 10. A thoughtful, lively exploration of the practicalities and business rational for creating a small-business weblog.
  3. Another Layer of Blog Spam: Backlinks, by Dave Taylor, The Intuitive Life, Aug. 9. Excerpt: “In my eyes, this is yet another reason to retain tight control of every element of your weblog, from favorites to backlinks to trackbacks. After all, in the 21st Century, if you don’t manage your links, someone else will.”
  4. Metablogging, by Crawford Kilian, Writing for the Web, July 29, 2003. Crawford defines a few basic weblog genres.

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