No Webfeed? No Excuse for These Sites!

Over time I’ve stumbled across several sites for which I can see no possible excuse for their lack of any kind of webfeed (RSS, Atom, whatever). That truly annoys me.

So here is my official Feedless Hall of Shame: Sites that cover (or organizations that focus on) enough technology-related topics and tools that there is no conceivable possibility that they wouldn’t know about webfeeds and how to implement them.

I’m excluding government Web sites from this list. Even though most government agencies (such as GAO) should offer a wide variety of webfeeds, I know government IT is generally slow-paced and resistant to innovation.

Read the list (which I’ll be expanding and updating over time)…


NOTE: This list is based on my personal observation only. I have verified that each site or service offers no webfeeds.

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  1. Google News Alerts. Currently, Google offers a news alert service that provides a daily e-mail listing new stories appearing in Google News which correspond to terms (keywords) you search for. I love this service and use it a lot – but why, oh why, doesn’t Google do this via webfeed? A webfeed would tell me about new relevant stories AS SOON AS THEY APPEAR, I wouldn’t have to wait for a daily compilation e-mail.

    Google – please, please tell me you’re working on this. I know that someone over there has heard of this webfeed stuff, because there’s a Atom feed for Google’s own blog. And these people bought Blogger, for Pete’s sake! Hello? Is anyone home over there?

  2. Yahoo News keyword search alerts. Yahoo’s trying to offer its own keyword-specific news alert service (currently in beta, available only to registered Yahoo members). At least they’re thinking a bit more broadly than Google in terms of message transmission – in addition to e-mail, users can receive alerts via Yahoo chat or mobile devices. But hello, what about webfeeds?

    Yahoo has even less excuse than Google on this front because they already offer webfeeds for various Yahoo News categories.

    Here’s a hint, Yahoo: If you really can’t figure this one out, ask Jeremy Zawodny. He’s already done all your work for you!

  3. Darwin Magazine. This is the Web site of the magazine that bills itself as “information technology for executives.” And they don’t manage to offer a single webfeed? I know they know what RSS is – they’ve covered it. It’s sad when a technology magazine visibly lags behind the times in its own publishing strategy.

More hall-of-shamers to come!

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