Reader Survey: Preliminary Results

A couple of weeks ago I invited CONTENTIOUS readers to tell me their opinions on this weblog through my 2004 reader survey. So far, 132 people have filled it out. (Thanks so much!) I haven’t yet done a thorough analysis of results, but here are some interesting tidbits I’ve gleaned so far…

(By the way, my survey is still open. If you haven’t yet filled it out, you can still do so. It’s a fast 10-question Web-based form, completely anonymous.)

Here’s what the 132 survey respondents to date have to say about CONTENTIOUS:

  • New format expands audience. It appears that switching this publication to a weblog format has attracted a significant larger audience. A total of 82 respondents (62%) started reading CONTENTIOUS sometime within the past 10 months. Only 50 respondents (37%) reported reading CONTENTIOUS since before it was relaunched as a blog in Oct. 2003.

  • Daily readers are not the norm Currently, only 27 respondents (21%) reported reading CONTENTIOUS daily. Most (64 respondents, 49%) read this weblog weekly, and 29 (22%) monthly. This does not surprise me, given the sheer number of blogs out there, people’s limited attention spans, and the fact that adoption of webfeeds currently lags behind that of e-mail alerts. It also takes some of the pressure off, I don’t feel compelled to post every day.

  • Speaking of webfeeds, only 30% of respondents subscribe to the CONTENTIOUS webfeed. 45% receive this blog’s e-mail alerts. 11% of respondents receive both types of announcements, and 17% receive neither.

  • Is my new editorial direction working? When I first started CONTENTIOUS back in 1998, I focused primarily on the craft and business of online content. Over time, I found that too restrictive. So when I relaunched this publication as a weblog, I expanded the scope to include a broader range of communication topics (such as webfeeds, content management, knowledge management, journalism, blogs, notetaking, and wikis).

    Seems like that’s generally working well for most of my current audience. 30% of respondents strongly like this new direction, and an additional 38% report that they like it somewhat. 18% are neutral on this editorial shift. Only 14% said they somewhat dislike this shift, and just one person reported a strong dislike of this editorial shift. I’m glad that this publication is continuing to satisfy the majority of its readers. That’s harder to achieve than one might imagine!

I’ll be publishing more detailed results later. Again, many thanks to those of you who have participated so far. And again, you can still take the survey, if you haven’t already!

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