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My earlier article, 10 Cool Things to Do with Furl, has proved hugely popular. In fact, on the Furl site it’s been on the “most popular items” list for several days now. I’m glad the word is getting around.

Even better is the fact that my article seems to have spawned a few others listing even more cool ways to use Furl. Here are a few:

  • (NEW ADDITION) About Furl, Transformative Practice weblog, July 1. “A cool thing I did was to get a free RSS news Ticker from RSSNewsTicker and I put my own archive’s RSS feed into it and Furl’s “Most recently Furled” RSS feed into it, so now I have a Furl News Ticker!”

  • Library Web Chic weblog, June 30, by Karen A. Coombs. “One thing that readers of this site may not realize is that the resources section of the site is driven by Furl. Well sort of… You can export all your Furled items as XML. This provides an archive you can keep on your own machine and removes for me the concern about Furl dying or becoming unaffordable.”

  • Weblogg-ed , June 26: “…Use Furl to push content to various pages similar to what I did with the ‘What’s Mr. R. Reading?’ section of my journalism portal.”

Also, Travis Swicegood just wrote up a good comparison between Furl and – a predecessor “social bookmark” service with some shortcomings that he says Furl corrects.

Want more Furl tricks? before I wrote about Furl, these articles offered still more advice on using this online service…

  • Furl it, by Sree Sreenivasan, Jan. 20, 2004, Poynter Online: “Using Furl could help a team of reporters and editors working on a project share articles and resources of interest.”

  • Grokking Furl: Storage, Search, and the PersonalWeb, April 19, 2004, by John Battelle: “…Mike [Giles, inventor of Furl] just added a recommendation engine, so you can see links the service thinks will be interesting to you, based on what you’ve already Furl’d. Now, let’s play this out. Imagine Furl on, oh, Yahoo, for example. Or Google. You now have a massively scaled application where millions of people are creating their own personal versions of the web, and then sharing them with each other, driving massively statistically significant recommendations, and…some pretty damn useful metadata that can be fed into search engine algorithms, resulting in…yup, far better search (and…far better SFO (Search Find Obtain) opportunities).”

  • To file Web addresses efficiently, Furl them, by Christopher Yasiejko, Delaware Online: “Tracy Adams of Cambridge, Mass., is using Furl to pursue real-estate investments with her mother, who lives an hour away. The two share an account, and each day they add or delete properties based on their interest, then rank them. Adams saves copies of pages from databases that her mother doesn’t have access to. ‘It’s quicker because you don’t have to look up all of the [properties’] IDs,’ she says, ‘which are 10-digit numbers that you have to type.'”

    Also from that article: “Don Cooley, a San Jose, Calif., resident and administrator of a noncommercial site for men dealing with prostate cancer, has a Furl archive with, as of Monday, 258 items in 30 folders. He scours the Web for articles and studies and divides them by topics both general (such as Watchful Waiting) and specific (such as Brachytherapy). The organization is key for his audience, which is dominated by older men who aren’t as computer-savvy as Cooley. He also can subscribe members of his support group to receive daily e-mails with the most recently Furled items on any or all of his listed topics.”

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