Yahoo: Another Way to Find Relevant Webfeeds

Often when people first begin using webfeeds (whether RSS or Atom format), they face the challenge of finding webfeeds that provide content which is uniquely relevant or interesting to them. Earlier I listed a few basic ways to find cool webfeeds, but these largely depended on locating Web-based resources of interest and then checking whether they offer feeds.

While there are some topic-based webfeed directories (available through services such as NewsIsFree, Syndic8, or Rootblog), so far these tend to be rather limited and spotty when compared to the actual universe of webfeeds.

Yahoo search does offer another option to help you zero in on webfeeds that provide content of interest to you. It’s not perfect, but it is useful and pretty good. Here’s how it works…

Go to Yahoo’s advanced search page. Enter a term or phrase that interests you, such as “content management.”

…I also find, if your purpose is to discover relevant webfeeds rather than individual content items, that it helps to select the option “in the title of page” next to your keyword or key phrase. In addition, it helps to select the option “within the past 3 months” for “updated.”

Then, here’s the crucial part: Under “file format,” restrict your search to the “RSS/XML” option.

…Check out the search results. You’ll probably have to poke through your results a bit, but if you’re seeking sites with feeds that offer content you’ll probably strike gold somewhere with this strategy.

For instance, I’m currently researching drinking water issues for one of my client projects. Using the strategy described above, I found an interesting weblog called Insurance Defense Blog which offers regular coverage of lead in drinking water in Washington DC, among other issues.

Way cool.