Correction: Obnoxious Apple Crap

All right, apologies for the previous entry that was at this address. I got fooled(via a link from a software site I found during other research) into thinking I saw something on the Apple site that had nothing to do with Apple.

I’ve accordingly removed my mistaken rant. Apologies to Apple.

Everyone ends up with egg on their face sometimes. This just appears to be my day. So be it.

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  1. No kidding. I’ve seen many, many times that deleting embarassing content, rather than correcting it, simply invites more ridicule or hostility. Better to just fess up and correct it.

    – Amy Gahran

  2. Eh, no harm done. I’ve had egg on my face so many times I’ve lost count… I admire your willingness to post the correction. A lesser brave person might just delete the entry. 😉

    take care,

  3. Well, it’s been said already… but you’re blaming Apple for a website whose only relationship to Apple is the “Apple” in the name. If you want to visit Apple’s website, the address is No obnoxious warning there. I look forward to seeing a retraction shortly.

  4. Credulity Online
    A cursory check of would indicate that it’s not run by Apple Computer, and it’s certainly not their legal department. There’s the About page, for example, which says: “Welcome to Apple Legal, a Macintosh software review site.” (Emphasis …