New Features on CONTENTIOUS

Just a quick note: I’ve added a couple of links to the right-hand column of this blog’s home page that might interest you.

  • Feeds Amy Reads: Many people ask me which RSS feeds I read. The answer is: lots and lots, and the list changes virtually daily. If you want to check out which feeds I’m currently reading, I’ve uploaded my list to my Bloglines account, and I’ve shared it as a public file. So whenever you want to see which feeds I’m reading, click the “Feeds Amy Reads” link near the bottom of the right-hand column of any page on this site, and you’ll see my list via Bloglines. Currently this list contains 189 feeds, sorted into 18 categories (folders). And yes, I do scan most of these feeds daily or weekly.

  • Make a donation: Many readers ask how they can help with CONTENTIOUS. Frankly, the best way to help CONTENTIOUS is to free up more of my time to work on this blog. As a self-employed person, time is really money for me. For instance, fierce client deadlines have taken precedence over blogging for me for the last couple of weeks (although I hope to catch up on many blog items over this coming weekend). So I’ve decided to add the now-ubiquitous “make a donation” button to the right-hand column of the home page. Voluntary donations to CONTENTIOUS can be made through Paypal. They are not tax-deductible, but you will receive my sincere thanks and gratitude! Please feel free to submit comments with your donations, such as which topics you’d like to see me cover here.

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