My Conference Panel on Blogging: Overview

On April 6, 2004, I moderated a panel discussion entitled “Alternative Media: Attack of the Blogs.” This was part of the University of Colorado’s annual Conference on World Affairs. For years this conference has been my annual local brain-food festival, and I was honored to participate.

My panelists were tech journalist Andy Ihnatko (Chicago Sun-Times), politcal correspondent Declan McCullagh (CNet, and LinkTV founder Kim Spencer.

My original plan was to cover this conference in a concise overview – just a few brief notes of the highlights. But damn it, the panel session was just too good! Such a wide variety of perspectives and examples were offered that I finally admitted to myself that I really needed to publish an edited transcript.

So after a lot of work (squeezed in between projects for my paying clients, mind you), I’ve finally pulled that together. Sorry it’s taken me a little over a week.

In the next four entries, I’ve posted key segments of the edited transcript. Where possible, I’ve included links to the sites mentioned by the panelists.

Here’s the index to those segments:

  1. Andy Ihnatko’s opening statement
  2. Declan McCullagh’s opening statement
  3. Kim Spencer’s opening statement
  4. Q&A with the audience and panel

The Q&A is definitely the longest segment, but it’s well worth reading. We had an audience of about 50 people, and some excellent questions and observations came from the audience.

I invite CONTENTIOUS readers to continue this conversation. Please feel free to comment here or add to the discussion in your own blogs. (Send me links or trackback pings for those, please!)

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