3. Kim Spencer Wants Video Blogs

PREFACE: This is the third segment of the edited transcript from an April 6, 2004 panel moderated by CONTENTIOUS editor Amy Gahran: “Alternative Media: Attack of the Blogs.” See the index to this four-part series for links to other segments and panelist bios.


Kim Spencer is the founder of LinkTV, an independent satellite TV channel that airs global video content (channel 375).

I’m going to just throw in a different angle here: video blogging. Clearly, blogs can include video as content.

In the world of alternative media, for decades independent TV producers have been trying to provide alternatives to mainstream broadcast media.This has been possible since 60s when first Sony Portapack came out and everyone was getting cameras and making videos. But they could not get their videos broadcast – partly for technical constraints having to do with tape format.

Over the years independent producers have found different outlets for their video. But today people can create video, edit it on a personal computer, make Flash animations, and get it out on the Net.

Independent media, especially news and documentaries, often gets done in groups: indies banding together to cover events. The Independent Media Center lists 50-60 sites for cities around the world where independent media groups are covering events like World Economic Forum, etc. This is an interesting way to leverage groups and consortiums


The Internet Archive is an incredible resource that for years has gathered much of what’s been on the Net and storing it. They just launched Open Source Movies, where anyone can post movies or comment. The discussion forum here is kind of a “proto-blog,” since people are just starting to debate these videos.


The catch to online video is that you need a high-speed connection. Most people don’t have broadband yet. But that’s slowly changing.

But in the meantime, consider satellite TV as a peripheral to your computer – a high -speed download mechanism. Through satellite TV we’re getting around the gatekeepers.

(Note: More discussion of video blogging in the Q&A segment of this series, next.)

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  1. I actually run two video blogs.
    One is at Silversow.com and is full of funny videos I find online. The other is Avoidinglife.com which is where I post my own videos about life in Japan.