Pluck: Good Feed Reader That’s an IE Plugin

Awhile back, I noted that I thought RSS feeds would really start to appeal to a general audience once the major Web browsers started including built-in feed readers. Well, that wasn’t happening because Microsoft really isn’t doing much with Internet Explorer these days, and AOL and the other major browsers appear likewise to be dragging their feet on this issue.

Then along comes Pluck, a new feed reader that’s a plugin for Internet Explorer. I’ve just tried it out, and it’s pretty good. The interface in some ways resembles my current favorite reader, Feed Demon. Pluck is free and easy to install, and fairly easy to use (Take the “product tour” after you install it, if you’re unfamiliar with using a feed reader.)

SIDE NOTE: I’ve been very, very busy the last couple of days and probably won’t be able to catch up on my blogging until tonight

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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think that Pluck would qualify as a plugin. You have to install it, not just add some .dll … Do you know what this software actually installs on your PC? Until I here from a qualified source what is actually being installed by the installation executable, I’d be wary of this assumption.
    I do like that the plugin works with IE. Not all browsers are used in the office, and having something that’s compatible with the (albeit outdated) Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. The ebay search tool makes sense for consistent repetitive searches on a particular item, although the management of lots of these things gets a little clunky after awhile. Still, pretty good for a freebie. You can tell that there are probably some licensing agreements going on though – ebay, microsoft, amazon, and pluck would all have something to gain if you’re using it to do your shopping.

  2. Well, if you want to get to that level of technogeekiness, then no, I don’t have the answer to whether Pluck is technically a proper browser plugin. I do know that in the Pluck support forum, members of Pluck’s development team refer to Pluck as an IE plugin. If anyone would know, they should. But if you have questions about that, the Pluck support forum is the place to ask.

    – Amy Gahran