My Big Blogging Questions

In a couple of hours I’ll be moderating a panel entitled “Alternative Media: Attack of the Blogs.” Since my panel (Kim Spencer of LinkTV, Declan McCullagh of and the Politech discussion list, and tech journalist/blogger Andy Ihnatko) appears to be brilliant, I’ll generally stay in the background and let them to all the talking.

However, I have a few big questions up my sleeve to get the discussion rolling…


  1. Are blogs really “alternative media?”
  2. How are blogs affecting the news media, and indeed what people consider to be news?
  3. Is the “human voice” a defining characteristic of weblogs, or merely desirable in most cases?
  4. Do blogs benefit society/the world? If so, how?
  5. What are the biggest problems/challenges inherent to weblogs? Can blogs be dangerous in any way?
  6. What are the greatest myths of blogging, and can you correct them?
  7. Is blogging a phase, or here to stay?
  8. What ways would you like to see weblogs being used, that aren’t already common?

…I don’t know how many of these I’ll get to raise during the session, but I wanted to present them here for CONTENTIOUS readers to ponder and discuss.

And yes, I will indeed be posting a writeup of the panel, either tonight or tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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  1. The panel went great, I’ve just been busy since then working on a deadline project for a client. Writing this up will take a little while, and I need to spare a couple of hours to focus on it. But it will be there, I assure you!

    – Amy Gahran