Blogging from a Conference: Love It!

Here’s one use for blogging of which I’m particularly fond: I love it when people who are attending a conference post blog entries describing what’s being presented and discussed there – while the conference is happening.

Here’s a great current example…

David Weinberger is now posting entries on the fly from Microsoft’s Social Computing Conference. See JOHO, the Blog, entries starting March 29, 2004.

Plus, BloggerCon (a big conference on blogging) is happening April 17, 2004 at Harvard. Expect a lot of live blogging to happen from that event! (Yes, of course they’ll have a wireless network available to participants – and an audio webcast and IRC channel, for that matter.)

There are so many conferences out there I’d love to attend, but simply can’t due to time or money constraints. Rarely do official conference Web sites offer good followup information for what actually happened (another pet peeve of mine, which I’ll write about later). When I find out that someone has blogged a conference of interest, I’ll devour those entries.

Granted, conference blog entries represent only a limited (and sometimes skewed) perspective on what’s happening at a conference. However, it’s better than nothing, and depending on the blogger and the conference it can be the best information available about interesting conference sessions.

When I’m at Boulder’s Conference on World Affairs next week, in the evenings I’ll post a few items about conference happenings and observations that would be relevant to CONTENTIOUS readers. (Sorry, I’m not equipped with a mobile Net connection, so I can’t post immediately from the conference.) Stay tuned…

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  1. Funny you should mention that. I’ve just done a convention blog: That one worked tolerably well, but what I’m really looking forward to is a convention center with wireless coverage. Look out for this year’s World Science Fiction Convention at which, amongst other things, I hope to post the Hugo Award results live as they happen.