April 6: Catch Me at the Conference on World Affairs

Heads up – on Tuesday, April 6, 2004, I’ll be moderating a panel entitled Alternative Media: Attack of the Blogs. If you happen to be in Boulder on that day, please drop in! (See end of this item for location and time.)

I’m pretty jazzed about this opportunity – even though, as moderator, I’m only supposed to let the panelists talk and manage the Q&A, not present my own perspective or answer questions. That’s OK, since I’ll definitely be blogging about this in CONTENTIOUS after it’s over.

This panel is part of the annual Conference on World Affairs, a unique weeklong event at the University of Colorado, Boulder, that’s free and open to the public (April 5-9, 2004). I love this event – it’s my yearly local brain-food festival. Check out the schedule – the list of topics and speakers is extensive, diverse, and provocative.

More details about my panel…

My panelists will be:

LOCATION AND TIME: 11am-12:30 (mountain time), Univ. Memorial Center, room 382-386. (Campus map)

…I don’t know yet exactly what territory we’ll be covering in this panel, but I’m sure it will be interesting. I’ll post a synopsis to CONTENTIOUS Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.