Everyone: Urge Your Favorite Sites to Offer RSS!

Are you as frustrated as I am at how many top-notch online venues still fail to announce their fresh content by RSS feed?

If so, I’ve just made it easy for you to ask them to start publishing RSS feeds. I’ve written a form letter that anyone is free to copy and use in order to urge their favorite Web sites and e-mail publications to start publishing RSS feeds.

I firmly believe that if enough people start pressuring online publishers to offer RSS feeds, then more and more online publishers will do so. This works to the benefit of both the online audience and the publisher.

So feel free to copy and paste my form letter and send it out to all your favorite sites and e-mail newsletters. Also, keep in mind that RSS is a good option for more than blogs and news sites – it can be a great way to follow event listings, statistics, and just about any other kind of information that gets periodically updated.

Let me know what kind of response you get!

Here’s the form letter…
(NOTE: I’ve created a similar form letter specifically for journalists to use)

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  1. It is not just enough to make sites have RSS, but also to mark those feeds so that the browsers can auto-recognize them. Only then this won’t be geek technology. RSS is currently supported by Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Apple Safari.

    I started campaign to that.