Feed Readers: An Update and a Resource

Quick update on my favorite RSS feed reader, Feed Demon. I started using this several months back when a free beta version was available. Well, recently Bradsoft debuted FeedDemon 1.0 (Windows only). It costs $29.95 and a free trial download is available. I think it works great.

The main reason I like FeedDemon is that the interface is very clean and intuitive. I’m constantly sorting my sprawling collection of feeds into different groups, depending on what kinds of projects I’m working on, and FeedDemon makes that especially easy.

…Of course, over the coming year I’m going to try to switch all my systems over to Linux, since I’m sick of Microsoft’s bloatware and security problems. (Also, my husband has ceaselessly berated me with Linux propaganda for several years and I’ve finally succumbed.) So I’ll need to discover a new favorite feed reader for that platform.

If you’re looking for a feed reader to try, here’s a good list of feed readers from Weblogs Compendium. You should be able to find something here that suits your platform and price range – even if your price range is “free.”

What’s your favorite RSS feed reader, and why? Comment below…