Norway: Dagbladet Blogs CONTENTIOUS

Interestingly, I’ve been blogged in the weblog of Dagbladet, a major newspaper in Norway. The entry is about the freethepresses and BugMeNot stuff I blogged earlier. There have been several comments to the Dagbladet entry.

Earlier today, I’d asked whether any Norwegian-speaking CONTENTIOUS readers would care to translate that article for me. Realf Ottesen most generously obliged. (Thanks, Realf!) The Dagbladet blog entry was pretty basic, mainly just notifying people about the freethepresses and BugMeNot strategies for site access. The comments mainly concerned password tips.

However, the comments to this entry did bring to light one troublesome issue about BugMeNot, which I discuss in this entry.

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  1. As far as free site registrations go… when I read the news using Google News, there seem to be more and more online newspapers which require this. I think it’s counter productive from their point of view. Because usually, I’ll just go off and find the same news story at another site that doesn’t require registration!