Interesting Discussion: Does RSS Need a New Name?

Looks like I’m not the only one considering the possible benefits of giving RSS feeds a catchier, less geeky name. (Read about my contest to rename RSS).

Here are some other current writings and discussions of this topic:

Worth reading!

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  1. RSS might get a new name
    Really Simple Syndication is what the author of RSS intended, but the acronym has limited it’s potential. At least that’s the thought behind the contest Contentious Weblog is running. Contentious, a blog run by Amy Gahran, is seeking to do for RSS wh…

  2. Un nombre amigable para RSS
    Hace unos días Scott Rosenberg abogaba en Salon por la necesidad de una metáfora adecuada para el RSS que contribuyera a popularizarlo. Hoy veo en Contentius (descubierto gracias a lo explicado en el post anterior) una original iniciativa para buscar…