CONTEST: RSS Needs a Catchier Name!

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RSS feeds are a great way to publish or read online news and updates. The trouble is, RSS is still too geeky for the vast majority of people. It’s not just the technology, or the fact that you need a feed reader service or software – the name itself is an obstacle.

I see it all the time when I tell people about RSS. When they hear me say “RSS” I see their eyes start to glaze over. It’s yet another Internet acronym – and acronyms are inherently geeky.

So in order to appeal to a mass audience, RSS probably needs a catchier name. Something that captures the popular imagination, the way “World Wide Web” did (compared to the geekier “HTML”). Think about it – which terms are more popular? “SMS” or “text messaging?” “SMTP,” “POP,” or “e-mail?”

Therefore, CONTENTIOUS is sponsoring a contest to rename RSS! Through Dec. 31, 2003, you can suggest up to three potentially catchier names for RSS.

At the close of entries, you get to vote for your favorite name. The final winner will be selected by a panel of judges, who will take the popular vote into consideration.

Enter today!

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  1. Un nombre amigable para RSS
    Hace unos días Scott Rosenberg abogaba en Salon por la necesidad de una metáfora adecuada para el RSS que contribuyera a popularizarlo. Hoy veo en Contentius (descubierto gracias a lo explicado en el post anterior) una original iniciativa para buscar…