Reality Check: Does Paid Online Content Really Pay?

Lately many organizations such as the Online Publishers Association and Jupiter Research have been touting the growing success of online content that people pay real money to receive. However, this rosy picture might be a bit skewed, according to experts quoted in a Nov. 1, 2003 Knowledge@Wharton article, “The Internet Content Conundrum.” It’s definitely worth a read.

My take on a couple of points mentioned in this article…
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Today’s Internet, Tomorrow’s Pottery Shards

There’s a LOT of information online and elsewhere – but what does it all really say about us?

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, recently updated their “How Much Information” study. This project attempts to estimate how much information is created each year – both information that is stored (in print, film, magnetic, and optical media), and information seen or heard in four key “information flows” (telephone, radio and TV, and the Internet).

In short, 2002 saw the birth of 5 exabytes of new information, “equivalent in size to the information contained in half a million new libraries the size of the Library of Congress print collections.”

Most of this information is probably what we’d consider trivial or even junk today – phone conversations, TV commercials, weather forecasts. But in the right hands, over time, all this junk might turn to gold….
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