A Few Weblog Enhancements

Over the weekend I made a few upgrades to the CONTENTIOUS weblog that I’d like to note briefly.

NEW SITE SEARCH ENGINE: I’ve decided to implement a different site search engine – a bit of Google plug-in code. (See box at right of this page.) The nice thing about this engine, compared to this weblog’s original search engine, is that it searches everything at the contentious.com domain. This includes the complete archives of the original CONTENTIOUS, dating back to 1998.

SECTION (CATEGORY) ARCHIVES My entries to the CONTENTIOUS weblog fall under several categories. If you’re interested in a particular category, you can click on the relevant category archive link to read other similar articles.

Here’s a brief description of each category…

  • Amy’s Adventures: The varied professional, intellectual, and personal adventures of Amy Gahran, creator of CONTENTIOUS. Current projects, upcoming travels and events, and the occasional stray thought.
  • Content Style & Business: Online content – what works, what doesn’t, and interesting news and views from the online content industry. Web sites, e-mail publishing, intranets, distance learning, and other business/organizational online venues.
  • Media Musings: Looking beyond the online world to all media. Observations on how media shapes our lives – everything from global broadcast television, to major newspapers, to tiny newsletters.
  • Net Effects on Society: How the Internet is affecting people’s lives and how we relate to each other, individually and collectively.
  • RSS Ramblings: RSS is becoming one of the best ways to publish and receive content online. It’s not just for weblogs and news verues, but any kind of regularly updated content.
  • Real World Writing: Amy’s tips, tricks, and observations for all kinds of writing and editing.
  • Voices (Blogs, etc.): People love to talk, and they love to interact with other real people. One reason I love the Net is the way it’s revived the human voice, and human discourse. Observations on the personal, individual, human side of the Internet: Weblogs, discussion forums, journals, art, and more.
  • WordGeek: I’m an incorrigible “wordgeek.” Notes on the use, abuse, serendipity, and chaos of language – propaganda, faulty logic, multiple meanings, fun slang, evolving terms, and more.

What do you think of these changes? Comment below or e-mail me.